Now that you have your crystals, how do you care for them?  Most people like to hold them in their hands under cool running water  for about 30 seconds and then pat them dry with a soft cloth.  However, not all stones should be cleansed with water.  Stones such as Selenite can begin to dissolve in water, so if you aren't sure about your crystal and water, it's best to try one of the other methods for cleansing them. Also, several crystals contain aluminum or sulfur or other chemicals that can become toxic when wet or in contact with water.  We suggest that you simply charge the crystals in the sun or moonlight without making contact with water, unless you are certain the crystal is not toxic.  These types of crystals are fine to have in your home or just near you, they do not need to be on the person in order to have healing properties.

Some people like to create elixirs with their crystals, which some consider safe when using particular crystals, but we do not recommend that you make elixirs with any crystals or stones. 

 If you live in an area that gets snow, you can drop your stones and crystals in snow for a quick release of any negative energy that your stone has absorbed. 

 Cleansing and charging with the moon happens to be our favorite.  Putting your stones in the window sill or better yet, outside under the direct moonlight will remove any absorbed energy and recharge the stones. Doing this under a full moon is the best but any moonlight will work.

The same goes for putting them in sunlight for a day but be aware, some light stones such as Citrine can lose color in the direct sun if left too long.

Burying the stones in the earth will clear any energy collected by your stone as well.

Smudging the stones with smoke from burning sage, can clear and cleanse your stones, which can be helpful for cleaning stones in jewelry which could corrode in water.

One other form of cleansing and charging is to put a bowl of water out overnight into the moonlight (especially a full moon).  Then,the water can be used to cleanse the stones simply by dipping the stones into the water and patting them dry. However, again we recommend that you take caution when combining water and crystals.